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Ride a Sandwich Bike

It’s as unique as the name — Sandwich bike! It’s inspired by the concept of flat packing. It’s hard to believe that two wooden panels could be used to make a bike. With technology and innovation, a shippable bike has been designed. Padmja Sinha tells us more.

Sandwich bike

Sandwich Bike – A very unique name

Unique Sandwich Bike

The sandwich bike is very different and gets its name from the product that is being used to assemble the bicycle. Instead of a conventional welded frame, it is engineered as a ‘sandwich’ of two weather coated frames of layered plywood. They are then bonded together by ‘smart cylinders’, and the frames and components become a rock-solid piece of technology.


Sandwich Bike – You can make it yourself

Assembling a Sandwich Bike

The Bike has been designed such that it can be packaged and sent by post. A few simple steps to assemble it and Lo! You have a unique bicycle! The box contains everything one needs to assemble the bike, including the tools. The assembling is akin to those that we often give kids to build their own toys. Only difference being, the final product that is durable and usable.

Recycling and Reuse

The sandwich bike is easily portable at the same time it is environment friendly too. After using it, the bike part can be recycled and re-used for assembling other bikes.


Sandwich Bike – A pure Eco-friendly product

Unique Ride

Riding this bike is a unique experience as you know that you have built your own bike. Not just that, it is bound to attract a lot of attention from passersby.

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