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Here is a list of the top bicycle brands in India.

In India bicycles were hit event before the freedom struggle. Commonly used for local commuting.

Post-Independence only a handful bicycle manufacturers emerged. Over decades the pace was slow but now time has totally changed.

Not just local cycle brands in India but many imported bicycle brands have distribution setup in India.

Here is list of the top bicycle brands in India that are available in major cities and towns.

Bicycle brands in India

Bicycle brands in India

1.Hero: Over 50 years old cycle company. The brand Hero Cycles has managed to fulfill every Indians dream of riding his first bike. Stores and distribution of Hero cycles is spread-out all over the country.

2.BSA: In 1975 the brand BSA first entered India and gave its first sports light roadster designed to improve the comfort of a ride. In 1994, Ladybird to promote cycling among young girls.

3.Atlas:The brand Atlas has been around for over 5 decades. A trusted manufacturer from northern Indian has a wide network for its sales and service.

4.Firefox: The cycling scene in India changed dramatically when Firefox introduced an imported range of approx 30 bike models into the Indian market. Today they offer cycles in all aspects of biking. From offroad to regular commuting, they have it all.

5.Hercules: The first Hercules bicycle in India rolled out in 1951. The brand is known to make sturdy and muscular cycles. Even today, labour use the cycles of this brand for daily commute.

6.BMX:  If you are an active kid then your first bike has to be a BMX. Firefox and La Sovereign are the leading retailers in manufacturing / importing BMX bikes.

7. Cannondale: Has won major events including Tour De France. Cannondale is very popular in European countries. Track and Trail is the leading importer of the bikes in India.

8. La Sovereign: La Sovereignis a first ever joint venture between Thailand & India Based companies to market Bicycle & Kids Toys of superiorquality.They have been known for stylish product and world class designs

9.Schnell:  The brand with latest technology and trend is Schnell. It’s been one of the most progressive and dynamic brands in India.

10.Maxit:Maxit makes cycles as well as gym cycle equipment. Ideally you’ll find their products at Hypercity malls and are reasonably priced.

11.Fuji: It’s difficult to find Fuji dealer in India. Best if ordered online.

12.Bianchi: Again Track and Trail is the leading importer for Bianchi bicycles.

13.Merida: APPL Bikes Ltd. the exclusive distributor of Merida Bikes in India.German engineering with impeccable Taiwanese manufacturing and the practical input of the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM the NUMBER 1 mountain biking team in the World.

14.Trek:Firefox is again the leading importer of Trek bicycles in India.

15.Rock Riders: Not well established in India but has the potential and might be at better level in the coming year.

16.Optimistic: Have not yet entered India. Might see the light in the couple of years – Optimistic

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