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Sol Full Face Helmet Review

Sol full face helmets are gaining popularity among motorcycle tourers and professional racers. Should you buy it? Om Vaikul uses one regularly and his review might answer the question. Read on…
Standard Features:
  • Optimal sized INNER SUN LENS with anti-fog and hard coating.
  • Has easy open and close access.
  • Lightweight DOT approved Thermo-Plastic Alloy shell.
  • Newest feature, Rear LED light with three different set modes.
  • Vent system flush mounted with the shell.
In terms of safety, the helmet is strong and rigid. In event of a crash, your head will be PROTECTED. The styling factor has not been ignored at all. Each colour has an artistic design on the helmet and the glossy finish compliments the rider’s gear. The padding inside can be removed for wash or cleaning purpose. The vent system mounted on the helmet works great. You can actually feel the difference in the air flow when the vents are shut off and not. Also present on the top is a switch to drop down a sun glass in front of your eyes. The vision through the sun glass is clean and clear.

From inside the helmet:
What you get is a clear view of not just the road but the scene from the left most side to the right. The bike console too is clear in viewing. No obstruction from the chin side either. Thin elastic net has been fixed on the chin side of the helmet to keep the dust away from entering the helmet.
What’s not good? 
The securing hook given under the helmet is a disappointment. They are not clips but a button type of a system. It is very irksome to strap it up when the gloves are on.
Tip: Get rid of it and get a clip hook fixed on the strap of the helmet.
At high speeds, the helmet stays steady and firm on the head. It’s comfortable to wear and ride for hours. Mounting and dismounting the visor is also easy but if you are not sure then leave it to an expert.
Overall, I would certainly say it’s a good piece to own. Priced around USD99, it’s still within the affordable range. Remember, helmets are expensive for a reason: They are designed to protect your skull in worst possible scenario.
What’s cool?
  • Wide view through visor
  • Drop down sun glass
  • Comfort fit
  • Stylish look
What’s not so cool?
  • Button strap to secure helmet

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