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A regular biker who also shares a passion for photography, Melroy doesn’t look at a motorcycle just as a means of commuting from place to place but something which is more connected to the soul. Any queries to him, just shoot a mail via our contact page.

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Contributing Writer

Full Review of Hyosung GT650R

Speed on wheels, enhanced visibility and safety with led tail lamp, adjustable foot pegs and narrow and higher seat, makes GT650R a complete package for sports bike. Melroy Alphonso shares his first-hand experience…  

Hyosung GT650R

Hyosung Motors, South Korean player started their second innings in India with the launch of GT650R Sports bike & ST7 Cruiser through Garware Motors on April 2011. I had earlier visited their Mumbai dealer Ronit Motors and was glad to see GT650R and ST7 bikes. ST7 looked more like a Harley Davidson Fat Boy motorcycle while GT650R looked like a proper big Superbike. When I started up GT650R, the 650cc V-Twin engine simply roared on and came to life.

Engine & Transmission:
The bike has a 4stroke, 90 degree 650cc V-Twin engine, 72bhp, Double Overhead Camshaft, Water cooled engine having 4 valves per cylinder. The performance from the bike is mind blowing. A slight twist of the throttle and you will be easily doing speed over 120kmph.The power delivery is good and will surely bring a big smile on your face on every ride. It has a 6 speed gearbox having 1down, 5 up gear change system. It does a 0-100kmph in just 4.5seconds. Never had any experience of false neutral and thus I can say that the gear shifting process has been accurate and precise.

Hyosung GT650R

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