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The World’s Smallest E-Bike is in India

It is about the size of a full face helmet. The world’s first smallest ebike is designed using minimal resources and has a whole lot of laudable features. Padmja Sinha talks to Santosh about his miniature e-bike and its functionality.

The World’s Smallest E-Bike

The World’s Smallest E-Bike

Santosh hails from Karnataka, which lies in Southern India. A simple and hard working man, Santosh has to his credit, two Limca records and one India Book record.

His Achievement?

He has designed a unique bike named Moosshiqk (derived from the Sanskrit word, Moshike, which means mouse), an e-bike, so small, that it can be packed even in a laptop bag. With limited sources available, Santosh has managed to design and build this e-bike that has surprised the whole world.

“Ever since childhood,: explains Santosh, “bikes and their features and mechanism have amazed me and I love working with them. In fact, my father was into repairing bikes which helped me. Small bikes always appealed to me and I wanted to ride them, however it was the finance part that stopped me as it was not a financially viable option for a middle class family.”

Is it comparable to other e-bikes?

When it comes to carrying an individual, it is at par with its big fat competitors and is capable of carrying an individual weighing upto 62Kg, for 15 minutes at a speed of 15km/hr. The height of the bike is 13inches with a wheel base of 30cms and the e-bike weighs just 4 kilos.

What is your inspiration behind the innovation?

Love for small bikes has always driven me and it was my sheer love and passion that I took up this project to make a mark of my own, despite limited resources.

What is the maximum distance this e-bike can cover?

One can ride this for a maximum of 15 minutes at a stretch.

Can you explain the parts on this ebike?

I have fabricated most of the parts myself including the handlebar and the frame. As far as other parts are concerned, like wheels, then they have been taken over from cycles and other e-bikes.

What are the other features that can be added?

There is a rear brake light but indicators, headlamps and other electrical can be fitted at the cost of battery life.

What is the maximum speed of the ebike?

Top speed of this bike is approximately 12 – 15 kph, with a payload of 70 Kg.

The World’s Smallest E-Bike

Santosh riding ‘The World’s Smallest E-Bike

What has been the production cost?

Production cost of the bike has been Rs. 12,000/ only.

Were people apprehensive about the ebike?

Yes, very much so. Most people are confused about how to sit on the bike and how safe it would be!

Santosh’s innovation is definitely a unique one. His effort has widely been appreciated world over. Its characteristics, the tiny size and its efficiency make it different and one of its kind. How practical it can be on the roads, is yet to be seen.

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