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Off on an Adventure on a BMW R1200 GS

Five lucky winners from BMW Motorrad were sent on an adventure of a lifetime, on five unique tours in five continents with a new BMW R 1200 GS. The widest spread of terrain, altitudes and climate zones the world has to offer has ensured this tour has been an experience that will stay with the riders forever.

One world one BMW  R 1200 GS- Tour South Africa

One world one BMW  R 1200 GS- Tour South Africa

One woman and four men made the cut from a starting field of about 12,000 applicants around the world and would get the chance to ride the touring enduro ahead of its official launch.

The jury and the process

“One World. One R 1200 GS. The ride of your life” was the name of the game and the decision as to who should embark on this voyage of adventure was handed to a jury made up of well-known bikers: Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody, Motor sport legend Jutta Kleinschmidt, Hollywood action star Rick Yune and TV adventure rider Charley Boorman. From the pool of over 12000 candidates from all over the world, they selected a five-strong group boasting sporting ability, a thirst for adventure and a sense of daring. The successful candidates were BMW Motorrad enthusiasts from Italy, Germany, Spain, France and Great Britain. Each participant would go on to experience the “ride of their life” on a different continent; but only the R 1200 GS would complete the full, world-encompassing distance.

One world one BMW  R 1200 GS- Tour Europe

One world one BMW  R 1200 GS- Tour Europe

The tour got under way in Laos on 25 January 2013. Nine days later, the GS was handed over to the next link in the chain in New Zealand. After another eight days’ riding, the bike headed to South Africa, before being passed to the fourth participant, who had 10 days to explore the western USA. And, finally, the last member of the group set off across Europe not long ago for a date in Munich on April 13, 2013! By then the R 1200 GS would have covered a total of 12,600 kilometres (approx. 7,800 miles) over the course of 44 days.

One world one BMW  R 1200 GS- Tour LAOS

One world one BMW  R 1200 GS- Tour LAOS

The final-leg rider, Britain’s Stephanie Rowe, will pull up at the BMW Museum a little after 15.00 hrs this Saturday, April 13, 2013, to be greeted by a “One World. One R 1200 GS” end-of-tour event. The R 1200 GS – which was signed by the celebrity jury members before the tour – will be handed over to the BMW Museum as part of the celebrations. German tour participant Herbert Unger and jury member Jutta Kleinschmidt will be among those at the BMW Museum awaiting Rowe’s arrival.

 One world one BMW  R 1200 GS- Tour New ZealandOne world one BMW R 1200 GS- Tour New Zealand
The new R 1200 GS

The “GS concept” has embodied sheer riding pleasure and the thirst for adventure for over 32 years. And the boxer-engineeredd GS models have been particular effective ambassadors for the breed. This unique concept of a large touring enduro bike with a brawny engine captures the imagination of bike fans all over the world – in their hordes. BMW Motorrad’s most successful model was revised from the ground up to create the fifth-generation model, which was launched in October 2012.

One world one BMW  R 1200 GS- Tour USA

One world one BMW R 1200 GS- Tour USA

The highlights

  • All-new drive system to deliver leading dynamics in the touring enduro segment.
  • Capacity 1,170cc, rated output 92 kW (125 hp) at 7,700 rpm, maximum torque 125 Nm (92 lb-ft) at 6,500 rpm.
  • Cylinder heads with vertical through-flow for greater efficiency and performance.
  • Compact air/water cooling for optimum thermal balance.
  • Six-speed gearbox integrated into the engine casing, with wet clutch, anti-hopping function and less manual force required.
  • E-gas for better ridability, running smoothness and special functions.
  • Freely selectable “Rain”, “Road”, “Dynamic”, “Enduro” and ”Enduro Pro” riding modes
  • BMW Motorrad Integral ABS fitted as standard.
  • Dynamic ESA semi-active suspension (ex works option).
  • World’s first LED main headlight on a motorcycle, with integrated daytime lighting (ex works option).
One world one BMW  R 1200 GSTour Europe

One world one BMW R 1200 GS Tour Europe

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