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KTM Duke 390: The Storm Begins!

A storm catches you off guard – always. However prepared you may have been.

It’s much the same with this orange hurricane – KTM Duke 390!

KTM Duke 390

KTM Duke 390 unveiled in Austria

It has been one of the most awaited two wheelers of 2013. Motorcycle enthusiasts, experts, industry stalwarts, riders, critics… everybody has been keeping their eyes and ears peeled for news of its launch. And, boom! Within a couple of hours of its official launch, the first few pictures of the handsome KTM Duke 390 have hit the web, going viral!

Ever since the launch of Duke 200, riders have been hoping for a bigger motor in the orange form, to unleash their true potentials. Duke 390 seemed like the perfect answer to the prayer! All they had to do was to wait for it reach within arm’s length to grab it!

The dawn of April 17, 2013 saw the unveiling of KTM Duke 390, at a press launch in the Austrian city of Salzburg. Now, we can sit back with a smile – it’s just a matter of a few days, before it hits the Indian shores!

For many of us who were surprised and shocked with the price attached to the recently launched Kawasaki Ninja 300, the orange candy Duke 390 may just bring a smile. Due to localising several of the machine’s parts, KTM Duke 390 is expected to be priced at something close to Rs. 2 lacs. This makes the Duke 390, the best priced motorcycle in India, in this segment, taking into consideration all aspects of the bike like power, performance, efficiency and delivery.

What we see here is the international version. The India edition will remain much the same, except for minute tweaks.

News is rife that assembling has already begun in full swing at the company’s Chakan plant.

As far as the technical aspects of the bike are concerned, the KTM Duke 390 powered by a 375cc engine and a power of 44bhp along with a light weight body of just under 150kgs, is supposed to be a super pocket rocket. The bike, as they say, can take you from 0 to 100+ figures within 10 seconds flat! Also, like its younger sibling, the Duke 200, riders may have an option of choosing from a wide range of accessories for the Duke 390.

What remains to be answered now, is ‘Why Should I Buy the KTM Duke 390’?

Stay tuned to MBMW for more news, updates, pictures and interesting features.

Duke 390 suspension

KTM Duke 390 Suspension

Rear Seat of Duke 390

The Duke 200 style rear seat and grab rail

KTM Duke 390 console

KTM Duke 390 – Console end

Duke 390 rear disc

Duke 390 will deliver powerful braking

Duke 390 fuel tank

A clean finish fuel tank

Duke 390 radiator

Will the Duke 390 radiator need a protection accessory over it!

Duke 390 engine

The 375cc Motor powering the Duke 390

Photos: ACI

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