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EICMA 2013 – The New Motorcyclist Emerges

EICMA, the International Motorcycle Show, has presented its new international advertising campaign for 2013. With their new ad campaign they have initiated a mammoth change among motorcyclists. Are you ready for the change?

EICMA Ready To Go!

EICMA Ready To Go!

“Motorcyclists have changed” is what the poster says! The 71st edition of the International Motorcycle Show, the world’s most important event totally devoted to two-wheel vehicles, has a powerful image accompanying the slogan – A young woman in riding gear, with an infant in her arms! What does this say to you?

The basic consideration, which prompted this claim, stemmed from the observation of current society and the way it has evolved: two-wheel vehicles are the ideal solution for sustainable mobility.

The message combined with the image clearly aims to describe: a) the users that nowadays are part of the urban fabric and use motorbikes and scooters to negotiate city traffic and, b) the entire production and supply chain of this sector.

The Image: Significance, Reasons and more

The official press release explicitly describes the image and the reason behind the choice of every factor on it. The rationale behind choosing a woman was prompted by several considerations:

First of all, the fact that women use two-wheel vehicles and are an integral part of the motorcycle world.

Secondly, a desire to get across a reassuring association with our vehicles — Safety, a sense of responsibility, awareness and attention: these are the pillars underpinning the photograph.

The presence of a child also puts forth a twofold message: motorcycles are people who are able to assume responsibility, on the road, for different users; and the intention to attract the very young through projects and concrete actions which come under the heading of promoting the “culture of two-wheel vehicles”.

As a whole, the image deliberately includes elements and accessories that evoke the latest fashion trends: safety may be given pride of place alongside with suitable apparel, without overlooking charm and personality.

The creative content and the implementation of the EICMA 2013 campaign was taken up by Grey agency,  whose Associate Creative Directors,  Francesco Fallisi  and Simona Angioni, have interpreted in an original manner, the needs arising from this particular period.

The EICMA 2013 campaign is conducted on an international scale and in different languages (besides the Italian version, I Motociclisti sono cambiati): in English, German, French and Spanish

EICMA 2013

The 71st edition of the International Motorcycle Show, is scheduled to be held in Milan from November 5 to 10, 2013 (the first two days, November 5 -6, being reserved for media representatives and trade operators).

The show will be held at Spazio San Paolo Converso, a prestigious church from 1549, exemplifying 16th century architecture in Lombardy.


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