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5 Stylish Buffs For Bikers

Riders love to celebrate the joy of riding with stunning accessories. Purnima Jhariya Pal scouts around to find more about one such accessory, the fabulous Buff…


Two decades ago, when Juan Rojas, an avid motorcyclist from Spain experienced a genuine need for a cloth with versatile uses during riding expeditions, it incepted a big idea of a small yet crucial riding accessory. He named the comfortable head and neckwear as ‘Buff’, a word which originates from the Spanish word ‘bufanda’, which is the literal meaning for a ‘scarf’.

Very soon, the Buff came much in demand across the world, at a lightning speed, amongst not only the bikers but also the adventure-loving communities and fashion addicted people, due to its multifunctional uses and numerous different impressive styles of wearing it. A single arrangement offers you to play with the trends as per your mood by wearing it as a headwear, helmet liner, face shield, scarf, cap, bandanna, and wristband or lets you discover your own pattern of wearing it!

Advanced technology engineered the micro fiber Buff material which feels like a gentle kiss on your skin. It is sweat absorbing and anti-bacterial with odour control qualities. The Buff is not only soft and breathable but also dirt repellent, durable and wind resistant while balancing the style quotient. Isn’t it amazing?

Moreover, the scope of this garment varies according to the activities involved, the necessities, weather conditions, demographical concerns and so on. For instance, there are separate kinds of Buffs for biking, hiking, motorcycling, running, traveling, yoga etc. designed as per the activities. On the other hand, there are Buffs designed for hot regions, UV protective Buffs, Buffs for cold weather, Polar Buffs, Storm Buffs, and Reflective Buffs for night riding and so on.

Whether man, woman or kid, there is surly a Buff for everyone. Let’s take a look at five fine Buffs for bikers:

Reflective Buff®Nitro by Buff USA

Spain based, the pioneer Buff manufacturer of the world had brought Buff, the multipurpose headwear in market first time in 1992. The vibrant blue-black Buff, ‘Nitro’ is superb product from their reflective night wear Buff collection. The safety feature, the two 3M Scotchlite™ reflective stripes ensure high visibility in dark or in no-light situations. Eco-friendly buffs are made of 100 percent microfibre polyester which provides protection from dirt, cold and wind. The gentle, breathable, moisture-wicking and odour free material has quality to dry speedily. However, for durability Nitro should not be bleached, neither machine dried nor ironed.

Price: USD22.00
Available @ Buff USA



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