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Musical Waves Hit the Shores of Goa

Final Wave Goa 2013

The destination to be in from May 10 -12, 2013, is Goa, India for the ‘FINAL WAVE GOA 2013’ music fest. This music extravaganza presented by none other than Kingfisher, in association with Vh1 and Radio Indigo, is all about music, pool and club parties and loads and loads of fun time!

The day time, between 4pm and 10 pm promises to cool you off with ample music, while you splash about in the pool at The Park on Holiday Beach, Candolim. The nights are filled with excitement, lights and dance at SinQ, with a perfect club ambience! The schedule is packed with one last big party weekend!

Final wave goa 2013

Final Wave Goa 2013

Here is the lineup

  • Jody Wisternoff (Anjuna Deep / Way Out West)
  • Ma Faiza
  • Ivan
  • Anil Chawla (GU, UK)
  • Whosane!
  • BLOT!
  • Kohra
  • Paul Harrison
  • Raimund Imo
  • Anish Sood
  • Kini Rao
  •  Priyanjana
  • Ayesha
  • Kay Mikado
  •  DJ Bobby
  •  Ajit Pai
  •  Joel aka 145bpm
  • Shaun
  •  Rinton
  •  Lasker
  •  Mr. E
  •  Su.Edits

Tickets and more

Online booking is available at Indivibe.com Do check out for the early bird tickets – if you’re lucky!

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